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Luxury Leisure And Business Travel

Executive jet charters provide unparalleled levels of luxury, privacy and convenience. Whether you need to hold a board meeting while in the air or desire an elevated form of air travel, executive jets feature a range of opulent spaces and top-class amenities to match a wide range of requirements.

Our Executive Jet Charters

Executive jets, also called business or VIP jets, are large aircraft that have been specifically designed to cater to busy professionals and individuals requiring the epitome of luxury and convenience in the sky. We have unrivalled access to a variety of executive jets to suit a range of requirements, including:

VIP Converted Airliners: These converted airliners provide a penthouse suite-style experience at 38,000 feet. Complete with expansive cabin spaces, bedroom suites, and indulgent walk-in showers, these aircraft are equipped with everything you need for comfortable, private, and luxurious travel.

Long-Range Executive Jets: If you're constantly juggling meetings, conference calls and projects, long-range executive jets provide the most luxurious setting to continue working whilst on the move. These spacious aircraft not only provide comfortable seating but can also be equipped with conference centers with WiFi connectivity for productive meetings, lounge areas for relaxation, and private suites for undisturbed work or rest.

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Why Should You Charter An Executive Jet With Air Charter Service

We understand the distinct demands of both individual leisure and business travelers. Our corporate jet services are finely tuned to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring an unmatched charter experience every time:

Privacy: When you choose ACS for your charter, you’re assured absolute discretion. We will work closely with your security provider or private security team on all aspects of your journey.

Worldwide Reach: Regardless of where you are flying from or to, our global network of offices provides local knowledge and personalized service on an international scale. Fly anywhere in the world, and rest assured that you’ll always be able to contact a charter expert with in-depth knowledge of the region.

Cost Efficiency: Our strong industry presence and global reputation empower us to secure the most competitive charter prices. This guarantees that you always get the most cost-effective charter option that matches your unique requirements.

Personal Account Manager: Enjoy the support of a dedicated charter expert, who is on hand 24/7 to ensure your every charter request is met. From organizing in-flight cuisine to navigating last-minute schedule changes, your personal account manager is here to make your experience seamless.

Popular Executive Jets

We have unrivalled access to a range of different business jets. Here are two of the most popular executive jets chartered by corporate flyers.

Airbus A318 Elite

The Airbus A318 Elite is a sophisticated corporate jet designed to provide a more compact, shorter-range, and cost-effective alternative to the successful A319 ACJ. With the spaciousness and comfort akin to that of your home or office, the A318 Elite features a lounge, dining area, a private office that transforms into a bedroom, and well-appointed bathrooms.

With a range of approximately 4,847 miles (7,800 km), this executive airliner can fly up to 19 passengers across the Atlantic in style.

Airbus A319 CJ

The A319 CJ takes the commercial A319 and gives it a corporate twist. This VIP/ Executive Airliner, which is typically set up for about 19 passengers, has a spacious luggage compartment and a range of approximately 6,897 Miles (11,100 km). Its interior can vary – there are versions for 29, 34, and 48 passengers, each with a unique layout.

In the corporate version, you'll often find VIP spaces with an office, a bathroom featuring a stand-up shower, a bed, and a high-density passenger seating area. 

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